Create absences requests

Use the absence management to strcuture the availibility of your employees. Employees can request absences like vacation requests, home office, sickness, etc. directly in their user profile and set a representative during this time.  Thus, the supervisor gets notified per email and can accept or reject the request.
In case of sickness it is also possible to directly upload a sick note per drag & drop.

Manage absences

Absence requests can be grouped by status. This gives an overview why and how long the employee is missing. Absence request go through different status from open to accepted/rejected. If an employee wants to cancel a request, this is also possible.

Calendar overview

All accepted absences will be displayed in the calendar. The staffboard calendar also integrates in your personal calendar (e.g. Google Mail or Outlook) to have all absences in one place.
If you only want to show a specific employee or a specific department you can simply filter for these criteria.

Reports for analysis

For all absence requests, separate reports can be created to always be aware of the absence statistics. Easily set the period or select specific employees you want to have in your report. With one click the reports can be exported from staffboard.