Employee administration

Having all employee data at a glance with our digital personnel file

Digital personnel file & employee self service

Every employee gets an own profile with relevant information and can access staffboard. Using employee self-service (ESS) the employee can change certain information, upload documents and interact with other employees.
An employee can see for example the requested absences, as well as the vacation entitlement.

Additionally, documents like sick note, contracts or payroll can be uploaded to the employee’s profile. By collecting all information in one place, employees can manage certain administrative hr tasks by themselves.


Our organigram can easily be used to display the company structure. The hierarchical structure is based on the selection of the respective supervisor.

If you are searching for colleagues e.g. in the marketing department, you can get an overview in the organigram hassle-free. You need to export the organigram for a presentation? Nothing easier than that.

Employee list

All employees are displayed in a list. Several filter options and a direct search help to find the employees you are searching for. From this list, you can also get in the employees’ profiles and view more detailed information.

Making the phone number or skype details available in their profile, the employee list fits perfectly as a directory to get in contact with other colleagues quickly.

Who can access which information?

Team view, restricted access, right to view or edit data – This is really simple with our roles & permission system.

With our roles & permission system the access of all employees can be managed. Every employee has a certain role with specific rights and can use the software depending on his restrictions. Besides standard roles, unlimited custom roles can be created.

The roles & permissions system enables your employee to do certain hr tasks to save you time and valuable resources.


Numerous reports give you important insights about headcount, employee age, payroll costs, contract changes and many more. Filter for different criteria and time frames to get the most relevant information. With that you can always keep your eyes on the important KPIs.

To use the reports apart from staffboard you can export it with one click.

Document management

Every employee profile includes document storage. Adjustable categories let you set up a clear folder structure for employment contracts, sick notes or other documents.

With our document management, all files are in one central place. Searching in paper documents, email attachments or folders belong to the past.