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Our hr software automates and simplifies all fundamental hr administration

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Goodbye paper documents! Welcome digital personnel file!

The digital employee administration helps you to store all data of your employees in one place. Do you often search for contracts, sick notes and other employee files and loose precious time? By using our digital personnel file, you have all you need at a glance.

Some sections can be managed by the employees themselves with employee self-service (ESS). This saves you time and money for other important tasks.

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Manage absences quickly and easily

Absences can be managed much faster. Your employees can now request vacation and other absences easily on their own. The supervisor or the hr department only need to accept or reject with one click. This will reduce the approval process tremendously.

In a calendar, which integrates in your email client, all absences of your employees are displayed and you know exactly who is missing on what day.

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Overtime and project based work at a glance

Employees can add their working hours and tasks directly in the software. Project based tasks can easily be assigned to the related project.

At the end of the month a report shows all working hours and the overtime summed up. The digital time sheets can be checked and locked by the manager once a month has passed.

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Recruiting made easy

With the help of our recruiting module you will never lose sight of an applicant. Drag and drop your applicants through different phases of your recruiting process. The applicants get an automatic confirmation of their application and throughout the application process you can easily schedule interview or reject an applicant with one click.

Lots of features like rating applicants, writing comments and adding other team members to certain processes is easily possible.

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Don’t forget your performance reviews!

Feedback is important for the employee and the manager. This helps to critically reflect their own work and get better. So, why waiting? Create a new date for feedback with your employees. Several criteria guide you through the process. As soon as the form is filled out and shared by both parties, the information gets visible to each other.

To make the conversation even more productive you can set up target agreements for a specific date.

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Spread Learning-Credits and join Learning-Events

Spread Learning-Credits to your employees to motivate them joining a Learning-Event. Every employee gets a specific budget of Learning-Credits per year which can be used to take part on certain events. Keep your team up-to-date and motivated!

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