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List view of all applicants

The applicants list is a clear representation of all incoming applications. There are several ways an application can get in to the staffboard system. You can set up an email forwarding, integrate our career module on your website or simply create them manually.

By using colourful labels, you can highlight certain applicants. Some crucial documents are missing? Just mark it with a label.

One profile for each applicant

For each applicant, a profile will be created, where all the information, as well as the correspondence is stored. Use this profile to handle all the communication with the applicant, like an invitation for an interview or a rejection – everything made super easy with personalised email templates.

Create your individual application process in our tool and move the applicant through the single phases. This is how application management is done today.

Customizable application processes

Our recruiting module give you the maximum flexibility. Create a job specific application process with the phases you need.

Whether ratings, reminders, notes, checklists or comments – to name a few – with staffboard you can set up your application process.

Search for applicants

In order to keep your applicants-list clear, you can select different filters to limit the displayed application.

You can filter for locations, specific jobs, phases or labels – and many more criteria. By using the text field, you can simply type in the applicants’ name to search for.

Create jobs and involve employees or user roles

Only a few clicks and you can add a new job. Our career integration makes it possible to easily publish the jobs on your website without any hassle. This saves you the time-consuming coordination with our IT department. In a list view, you can see and edit all jobs at any time.

Another useful feature is to involve other employees or even whole user roles in the application process. This way you can receive for example support of a specialist from a specific department. No matter who you add to the process, you decide who can see or edit the application file.

Change phases via drag & drop and receive notifications

Each job has its own application funnel. You can see directly which applicant is which phase. Use drag & drop to move the applicants to the next phase.

Our intelligent notification system informs you automatically about new incoming messages of the applicant or comment of the recruiting team members.

Job overview

Create new jobs and publish them on your website. You will see at a glance the current vacancies and how many applications came in for the jobs. With one click you receive the funnel overview and can handle the applications.

If you hire for example a new employee for the marketing department, you can check quickly and easily in which phase the applicants are.

Application form on your website

Integrate staffboard on your website. The applicants can apply directly over the form for the respective job. Also, the displayed fields can be configured.

Besides different input formats, like date, text and numbers, you can also select whether or not the field is mandatory.